Victor Bull

K6IC radio shack photo
I was first licensed as WV6JKE at Redding, CA in 1959, and upgraded to Conditional-WA6JKE in 1960 (A Conditional License is a General License with test given by another ham). I added K7WXF in Spokane, WA in 1961, as we had dual QTHs for a bit, but allowed license to lapse for 30+ years during college/work assignments, mostly in CA.

Relicensed in 1998, as KF6RIP, a nice sequential, but too long a callsign. It had a nice rhythm on CW, just too long. Exchanged that call for the current one in 2006.

I am very fond of AM. It was my only phone mode as a broke high school kid, due to low entry cost. Got rid of ALL the original gear and have been buying back some of it in the past few years. My main rig is still a DX-100B--often with an amp--and I am working on a CCA 1000D BC rig, and a T-368 which has 5 or 6 problems that need fixing.

I enjoy CW, DXing and (dare I say it ?), some light-duty contesting.

73 CU on AM. DE Vic, K6IC