Paul Albanese
Lemon Grove, California

N6BZY radio shack photo
First Amateur License WV6DAK/WA6DAK acquired October 1958 at age 13. DXCC 171 countries & QCWA. Favorite band 160 meters (I find VLF and LF listening interesting as well as Amplitude Modulation.) I enjoy camping, hiking and computers. AM equipment consists of a DX-100 and 75A-4 for 75 Meters and a Valiant and NC-300 for 160 Meters. I am active on 1.945, 3870, 1.925, 146.265 and 223.500 MHz, and have been active on AM from 1958 to 1979 & 1988 to today. I served as Director of Naval Radio Transmitting Facility, Chollas Heights, LF/HF and UHF Site - NPL - From 1982 until decommissioning in 1992. I retired from the Department of Defense in Feb. 2000 with 36 years of service.
10-10 Number 27741
AMI Number 278
NRTF Website
email address: N6BZY